Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014

7 min workout : Prequel

Ok, here's the story. Last raya Idul fitri suddenly my mother have a heart attack. Seems very painful to her and she need to get 2 weeks of bedrest in hospital. 
My self, well an overweight person with weight 84 kg 169 cm tall worsen by never do workouts. I understand that my heart is not in good condition as i very easy to loose breath for some activity. 

" I need to change!!!! " thats what i tought considering that i'm already 35 with 2 kids. I want to live longer to see my children grow, if possible until have grand child.

So i take a commitment to do some workout and also diet. Workout will strenghten my body and with additional diet will loose fat. 

I search for many exercise to do and finnaly i choose 7 minutes workout which  only take 7 minutes to do workout every day. 
"This is perfect and quite easy" thats what i tought.......

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